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Gerald WongA little bit about me, Gerald Wong

I’m Gerald Wong. I was born in Stockton, California in 1953. When my parents divorced my father took my brother and me to Seattle Washington.  When I was about 13 or 14, I got into some trouble, I was such a juvenile. I was sent to live in a group home with a bunch of other kids under one roof, with counselors or interim parents.

I worked in hay fields bucking hay and moving 10-foot-long irrigation pipes for 10 cents a pipe. As I got older I got jobs in the orchards of Washington as a seasonal worker, hoeing beets, and picking apples & cherries.

Gerald WongI pulled weeds for the Parks Department, making a minimum wage of around $2.00 per hour, (it was the 70s). I canned fish for a season in Cordova, Alaska, where many of my co-workers were originally from Mexico and the Philippines.

Since my dad was born in China and moved the United States as a kid, I developed a lot of sympathy for and interest in hard-working people of diverse backgrounds.

I enlisted in the United States Army at the age of 17, when Nixon was President. After completing basic training at Fort Lewis, Washington, I was sent to Fort Belvoir, Virginia for AIT (Advanced Individual Training) and spent two years on active duty in Power Generation and Repair as a 52Delta20, attaining the rank of Specialist 5. I spent two years as an active reservist and two years inactive for a total commitment of six years.

Gerald WongAfter the Army I did a host of different jobs and even drove a taxi cab while I attended the Ron Bailey School of Broadcasting and the Columbia School of Broadcast. Upon completion, I was employed by radio stations and one TV station. I continued my education at the Green River Community College where I took courses in interpersonal relations and communication and as well as deejaying a radio program at the college.

I went through a period of extensive unemployment for a number of years and found myself sleeping on family and friends’ sofas and in the back seat of my car. When the personal computer boom started I was fascinated and started to teach myself programming.

I helped out in a family business, still seeking my niche.  In 1990 a truck driver came though the town of White Swan, Washington, asking for directions to a saw mill. I told him I would direct him if he would let me ride along and show me how to drive a truck.

I started driving truck that same year and have been doing that ever since.

Gerald Wong homeIn 2004 the best thing in my life happened.  I met my wife Susan on an internet dating site. She was born and raised in North Carolina and lived in Greensboro, where we now make our home. We hit it off and after five years of dating we got married, on her lunch hour in High Point, North Carolina.

Susan Hicks WongSusan had studied to be a graphic designer and practiced that as a career until 2010, when the recession hit many people, and she was no exception. But my wife is a strong woman and a survivor. We took out a second loan on a rental house we owned and bought a truck. Susan attended the truck driving course through Davidson Community College that is held at the campus of Davie Community College in Mocksville, and received her Commercial Drivers License. We have been a team both in life and in trucking.

Jerry & Susan WongSusan Hicks Wong is also a very good writer and has had her stories published in two anthologies. Plus she has also written various travel articles for the Courier Tribune in Asheboro, NC.

I really started my journey in this life by proudly serving my country in the U.S. Army for 6 years, and now as my life is in the second half, I would be proud to serve you and my country again in the U.S. Congress.

Let’s Make America Create Again.

Thank you for your consideration.


Gerald L. Wong

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