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Meet Gerald Wong. Gerald Wong has been a working man for a long time. Now he is campaigning to represent the 6th District of North Carolina in the US Congress in 2018.

As a Progressive Democrat, there is a list of issues that are important to Gerald. Thank you for your interest and for visiting this page.


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Gerald Wong

Demand Universal Healthcare

Healthcare is a basic need — we believe that need should be met for everyone living in our country.

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Gerald Wong has signed the Contract For American Renewal (CFAR). This means he is a genuine “people’s candidate” committed to true representative democracy, honesty, integrity, real change! CFAR2018 fully supports this excellent individual, confident he will make a great congressman.


If you would like to endorse me, and be listed here as well, please contact my campaign at contact@wongforcongress.com


Gerald Wong for Congress

Working Man

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Gerald Wong for Congress I’m Gerald Wong, running for the US Congress from NC’s 6th District, and I’d like to thank you for visiting my web page. I’m here because, like you, I’m tired of the way things have been done in Washington, DC for the last decade or two.

The sad state of my beloved nation is calling out to me and other Progressives like me, to go to Washington and clean out that swamp that seems to be getting even bigger lately. I need your help to do that.

I am running for US Congress from North Carolina’s 6th District in 2018. I am a very Progressive Democrat and I have a list of issues that are important to me.

(1) Healthcare in America should NOT be a for-profit business model.

healthcare should not be for profit I am appalled at the ease with which the insurance lobby has taken us all hostage. Our current Congressional Majority seem to be kow-towing to a faction in their party, and after 7 years of rhetoric they still don’t have a reasonable alternative to the ACA.

Every modern county has a form of “MEDICARE FOR ALL”. We are heading this way, it is just a question of how long do you want it to take to get there. With most of these “Universal” healthcare plans costs are drastically reduced.

There is NO PREMIUM, NO DEDUCTIBLE and NO CO-PAYS. Yes, there are taxes to pay for it BUT you will put out a whole less and it will be as simple as one card with no interruptions from an insurance company.

(2) There is no Planet number two.

EarthAs “Over the Road” truckers, my wife and I have seen so much beauty across America, but we have also seen how unbridled industry can devastate the natural order both intentional and accidental. We cannot keep allowing environmental rules to be relaxed when corporations give large sums of money to re-election campaigns. Gerald Wong for Congress in 2018.

(3) Claw back the taxes on billions of dollars that have been off-shored. 

For the last 25 years, those who were able, have shuffled monies into secret offshore accounts to avoid taxes. Many corporations have set up offices in third world countries to claim a home office there, even when their profits were made in America. If those taxes had been paid as they were supposed to be, would we have any national debt today?

By off shoring this money that American’s paid, these corporations cause us to pay more to make up for this very unpatriotic and greedy misuse of our tax codes.

(4) “Citizens United” must be overturned 

Get big money out of politics. There’s no denying it anymore that if you have enough money, you can become President of the United States. If you have enough money you can brag about shooting someone in the street and not losing any votes. On the other end of the scale, in 2016, Bernie Sanders proved that you don’t have to have a lot of big money donors to run for president. Bernie had millions of supporters who could only give a few dollars each, but he spent it wisely. That’s what I’ll do. I’m running for Congress.

(5) Tax those who interfere with the organic nature of the Stock Market. 

Stock Market Profit Chart Clipart

Speculator bots and Day Traders cause unnatural spikes and fluctuations in the market. I think their high speed computerized transactions should be taxed at a per action rate. These people make millions of high speed transactions on a daily basis and in many cases effect what we pay for gas, food and other commodities. Taxing these transactions will not only curtail this activity but bring in millions of dollars for vital public works projects and assist with making College more affordable for those that want a higher education.

(6) Rewrite the tax code to close loopholes. 

Remember when Mitt Romney ran for president and released his taxes? He found every loophole and took them proudly, saying he expected every one to take advantage of every deduction. He paid about 12% on 25 million dollars, because his investment income wasn’t considered income. We need to rewrite that. Isn’t your income counted as income at tax time?

College Tuition(7) Affordable College Tuition. 

Our children do not need to start out in life heavily in debt. We need a highly educated populous and many very smart young people have no chance to help America excel because of the cost, and the way higher education is rigged for those of affluent means. As difficult as it is for young adults to get their start, affordable education should be a priority to all of us because we are competing for jobs with the whole globe. America can only stay competitive on the world stage if we are well educated.

minimum wage (8) A living wage for every job. 

By all that’s right the “Minimum Wage” should be around $21.00 per hour if you take inflation into account over the last 30 plus years. Wages have stagnated all across America since the 1990s, and many areas of the country are still recovering from the Financial Fiasco of 2008. When I am elected I will support a $15.00 minimum wage.

(9) The legalization of Marijuana. 

Legalize-MarijuanaColorado has become a true success story for the legalization of recreational marijuana. It has been taxed and regulated, and I haven’t heard any reports of abuse. In fact…

Colorado generated so much income from taxing marijuana sales that at the end of the first year of legal use, every citizen in the state got a tax refund from the sales. But that’s just one reason it should be legalized.

(10) DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals).

These kids, many of whom are now are men and women are AMERICANS. They can’t remember living anywhere else. They went to school here and all their friends are Americans.

They are highly educated professionals and serve in all our military branches at all levels of rank. They deserve all the privileges of an American citizen. I also believe we cannot now split mother, fathers, brother, sisters or grandparents up. Yes, many came to the United States “Illegally” but can you put the toothpaste back in the tube without making a mess?

Let’s work on a fix we can all be happy with, and not create a problem that will just cause angst and misery. Vote Gerald Wong for Congress from North Carolina’s 6th District in 2018.

(11) America’s Defense and the Defense or our allies.

National-DefenseIt is time we stopped thinking of using weapons and bombs as a deterrent to those that may want to do us harm. It is not the people of these countries that threaten us, it is their leadership. We need to focus on defensive or intercept technologies  that can knock any rocket launched, out of the sky before it leaves the offending countries air space or over the ocean. If a country cannot get a missile off the ground or to its target, then building them become moot.

(12) Gun Licensing as a control.

I have always believed in one’s right to own guns, for hunting and self protection. I have also stated that I do not believe people that cannot exhibit a maturity and a stable mind should receive a license, Yes, a license, to own or carry a fire arm.

We license people to drive cars. No house hold where a person lives that has been diagnosed as a threat to themselves or others should have fire arms without showing the ability to keep these weapons secure and away from any members of their household that have been deemed a danger. Also, I believe every person that buys fire arms AND ammunition should pay a premium to benefit victims of gun violence.

(13) On Police Accountability.
As an over the road trucker I encounter police on a regular bases and 99% of the time, these officers are just doing a job.
Police-AccountabilityBut when you see all these videos of police escalating encounters with citizens, unwilling to state why they stopped a driver, before demanding I.D. (Which is the law); or Confronting citizens videoing their actions in public, (which is a citizen’s right) and then arresting those citizens on some make up charge so the camera can be confiscated; And (the worst offense of all,) killing and abusing a suspect when there is no rational reason for doing it; and let’s not forget the lies they put on police reports, that they attest to under oath & penalty of perjury; and their follow officers, with a nod, will write false reports to back up the lie on the other cop’s report. We know these things happen. The police will not fix these issues. It is the public that must demand change.
There needs to be a clear cut understanding that these types of abuses cannot and will not continue! Please send me your suggestions to address the issues listed here. I am interested in all progressive and constructive ideas. Let’s make America create again.
I, Gerald Wong, intend to fight for legislation that will put real, meaningful restrictions in place and level punishments on this kind of abuse of police powers. This issue is so big I can’t solve it alone, and even with the help of some NFL players protesting for the issue, there is a long way to go before we end the practices that places like Ferguson, Mo. are all too familiar with. I need you to stand with me, let there be strength in our numbers.
(14) Impeach Trump
For most of 2017, President Trump has said and done things that a reasonable man would not say or do, let alone the President of the United States of America, and I do not believe this impudent behavior will stop.
As a Vietnam era veteran it hurts to watch this hate that he is cultivating across out great nation.
He acts like a child that wants to play by his rules or he will take his ball and go home. Well, I promise to help him go home!
If elected, I will vote to impeach Trump for causes of “High Crimes and Misdemeanors”, for which I believe there is ample proof.
(15) Gerrymandering to establish a false majority

GerrymanderingWhen the majority of the popular vote goes to one party and the other party claims victory, (as a result of gerrymandered Districts) democracy gets broken and our representation doesn’t represent us. When the popular vote goes to one party and the other party claims victory, you can be sure the will of the people is not being done. When the will of the people is not being done, democracy is just a word that has lost its meaning.

In the 2016 election cycle, Democrats cast more votes overall, but due to gerrymandering, the Republicans were able to take and keep control of Congress.

If there are more Districts that go to the Republicans than to the Democrats, then the election goes to the Republicans, and vice versa. If there are a million more votes cast in 3 large Districts than in 7 small Districts, the election goes to the majority, which is the 7 small Districts, (7 to 3 majority). It doesn’t seem right, does it? That is why it is so important to have representative Districts. Gerrymandering is the opposite of representation.

If I am elected I will put forward legislation which will call for an impartial committee to redraw the District lines, using data from the US Census, from now on.

(16) The LBGTQ Community
LGBTQI will stand for the LBGTQ community, or in other words, “people” that are entitled to all the same benefits and privileges, under our laws, as any other people. I recognize the rights of all people, and don’t think anyone should suffer discrimination in employment, or any other aspect of their lives.
(17) Veterans Benefits

VeteransWe tend to forget about our service women and men when they separate from their branch of service. If these soldiers leave the service after 2, 4, or 6 years, they are pretty much shown the door and must look to “after service organizations” to re-acclimate to civilian life.

Veterans, did you know you can receive unemployment benefits upon leaving military service?

Since each state is in charge of unemployment benefits paid out to residents of the state, this is the starting point for signing up for compensation. Your state’s unemployment office will be able to determine if you are eligible to receive benefits, how long you can receive benefits, and how much compensation you will receive.

You must apply through your state’s Employment Security Commission office, which will also help you in your search for new employment. When visiting the employment office to inquire about benefits, be sure to have the following documents on hand: Job History or Resume; Social Security card; and DD form 214.

Elect Gerald Wong to the US Congress 2018